odt2braille Localisation

You can help us improve this product by translating odt2braille in your own language. This page contains the translations of all menu items, dialogs, messages, etc. To contribute, just choose a language, fill in the inputboxes below and click the send button. Make sure capitalization (except for languages) and punctuation are preserved, and words starting with a '@' are left unchanged.

Some of the messages may be difficult to translate without any context. The comments try to make things more clear. It may also help to use the plugin. Most messages are contained in the "Braille settings" dialog. This dialog can be called from the new Braille menu, which is added to OpenOffice.org when you install the plugin.

If your language is not in the list, choose 'Other' and specify the language in the box next to the list. Please also give us your name and e-mail address, so that we can credit you. Your translations will be available after they have been reviewed and committed by the administrators.